The D-Paper is a monthly newspaper for Derby and Derbyshire, focusing on good honest news brought to you by Lisa Varty. Lisa started working for her Dad Chris is 2017 a year after he’d opened 3 V Media Limited and started to help produce The Derbeian Magazine, a magazine focusing on the history of Derby and Derbyshire. Lisa is proud of her heritage and proud to be born a Derbeian.

Derby and Derbyshire has so much to offer, it is steeped in history and has a great business community, and the people are amazing. Over the years Derbyshire like any other county has seen many tragic events and each time the community comes together to help those in need, by helping out families who’ve lost everything to a house fire,  providing schoolbooks and support to damaged schools and raising funds to repair damaged churches, whenever our fellow Derbeian's call for help, the people of the county rally around to help in any way they can.

Lisa felt that our county is missing a newspaper that really showcases the best of Derby and Derbyshire from the city to all the borders and wants to create something spectacular, a newspaper where you can get involved and really have your say on all things Derby and Derbyshire. Our county has many wonderful local business, charities and services that Lisa loves to learn about, she listens to DCR (Derbys Community Radio) , a radio station set up for the people of Derby by the people of Derby and supports Enlivening Derby a C.I.C set up to help those in need in the city but she loves to write about all the businesses and services on offer all across the county, she also loves to hear from the people and would love for you all to get involved, whether it’s to share your images and memories of Derbyshire days gone by, your opinion of the area you live in and interesting photographs of the county today or to even submit your own article for publishing in the paper and online blog. To get involved either email or follow The D-Paper on social media.

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The D-Paper Supports Enlivening, who have been providing help in times of need, alleviating loneliness and bringing happiness to 1000's of residents in Derby since 2013. Support them too by checking out their website and joining them on Facebook!

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