Let’s save Xmas for 100’s of Derbeian’s!

Okay so this is a follow-up to the main article in our first edition CAN YOU HELP SAVE XMAS FOR 100’S OF DERBY RESIDENTS? In this article I wrote about how Kevin Kemp has been feeding lonely Derby residents who might not have otherwise had a Christmas Day Meal, I wrote of how since 2013 Kevin and the team he bought together to create Derby in Need C.I.C have progressed onto feeding 100’s of Derby residents on Xmas day each year.

In 2019 the main trading name of the C.I.C. was changed to Enlivening and they had provided a schools out café offering low cost meals to low income families during school holidays, Halloween and Xmas parties as well as continuing the tradition of ensuring 100’s of Derby residents can are bought together to enjoy Xmas day in good company without a worry or a care. This year in 2020 due to Covid-19 it has been difficult for us all and for the health and safety of staff, volunteers and those who rely on the services Enlivening provides the team decided that it couldn’t go ahead with the schools out café this year.

Christmas Lunch is going to be a mammoth task this year and we need your help. Due to restrictions that the government has had to impose on us all Enlivening can’t offer its usual Xmas Day service but still want to supply Xmas meals to those most in need this year, so Kevin has come up with a Plan A to deliver meals to these people, sadly they will be spending Xmas alone but will at least have a good Xmas meal on the day. Plan B also exists where Kevin and crew will take guests to local pubs and restaurants, but Plan B depends on the COVID rules in place at the time. Enlivening is also hosting an online Xmas party for its regular uses (members) via Zoom and the help of DCR (Derby Community Radio).It’s going to cost Enlivening £2000 plus, to provide this service and funds are low so Kevin, due not being able to fund raise in their usual way so the team have been thinking of ways to raise the funds needed to feed the 100’s of residents that Enlivening usually helps so we are asking the public and local businesses to donate to their Christmas Day Lunch Fund via a Just Giving page set up here:


Enlivening will also be holding a raffle to help raise fund and I will share the details in a later edition, but we need prizes and hope that small business owners could help us out. In return for donating a product or service to the Enlivening Raffle The D-Paper will offer free advertising space to each business who have donated for 3 months and you will be added to the 2020 Enlivening supporters list on their website. People may wonder why I write and gush so much about Enlivening well, the reason is Kevin Kemp is a person I’m proud to call a friend and I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact Enlivening has on our community and the 100’s of people it’s helped over the years, and even when Kevin isn’t working he’ll give up up his free time to help anyone in need, he’s been a great support for me when I’ve felt it’s all got too much and offered me words of wisdom and vocal pushes to stop me from giving up even though he himself has so much going on around him. So for all the help he’s given me and others I want to give something back and I want to help him and Enlivening to give at least a little Xmas cheer to Derby residents this year. So, if you can help in any way please get in touch with Enlivening at:

enquiries@enlivening.co.uk or derby-in-need@outlook.com and help save Xmas for 100’s of Derby residents.

Again, here is what it means to just some of the Derby residents who are regular guests at Enlivening’s Xmas Meal events what they have said about the 2020 Christmas Day Lunch:

Tom, 76 of Spondon said: “I’ve been coming to you for Christmas Lunch for the past few years. You have always given me lift to where the meal is and made sure I get home safe afterwards. I did wonder if you were doing a meal this year and it would be great if you could as it makes my Christmas being with others instead of being sat at home waiting for the carer to come and give me some rubbish to eat, as usual.”

“Your Christmas Day Lunch is now part of life; we look forward to it so much every year not only for the food but meeting old and new friends. We’ve been coming for last 4 years and without it we don’t know what we would do, and we can’t afford to go out and pay for a meal”. Source: Anonymous pensioners from Derby.

John and Vanessa, both with mental health conditions from Derby said “Both I and my friend look forward to your Christmas Day Lunch. We both live alone in warden-controlled accommodation and meeting up with old friends and have a good time is what makes Christmas for us. The food is always great and the fact that we get picked up and dropped off home makes it even better. Without you we don’t know what we would do on Christmas Day”.

“As a LAC (Local Area Co-ordinator) for the past four years we have looked to Derby in Need to find somewhere for our loneliest residents to go on Christmas Day. For years we have tried to find somewhere without paying the high prices on Christmas Day in a pub plus there is cost and availability of staffing to ensure our resident is accompanied. What we have found over the years we have sent people to you is the people always have a good meal, a good time, meet new friends and for some the best bit is being collected and dropped home afterwards. Due to COVID-19 we have had higher demand this year for company, be it, simply extending carer times in home or expanding our services to include shopping. We are already planning the effect that COVID will have this Christmas and feel that without your Christmas Day Lunch more of our residents will spend another day, a special day, alone this year.” Source: Anonymous LAC from Derby.

Article written by Lisa Varty for The D-Paper ©


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