The D-Paper Goes GaGa for DCR! (Derby’s Community Radio)

Growing up in between my parents’ home an that of my Grandfather some of my best memories involve listening to the radio, on weekends during football season we’d sit around the kitchen table at granddads and listen to the commentary of the latest Mighty Rams match and in the week the radio would be on in the background or in the car and if a song one of us loved was being played it had to be turned up. Over the years technology has advanced, during my childhood I remember my parents and my granddad playing vinyl on the record player, running to my mum when my cassette tape got chewed up and my Dad marvelling at Cd’s, by the time I was a teenager MP3 Players were a big thing and I remember desperately wanting an iPod only to receive a generic MP3 Player, which in my opinion turned out to be better in the end (Mum knows best!).

Despite all of today’s new and advanced technology I still love to listen to vinyl records and the radio, but over the years even radio has changed, my favourite station was called Ram FM and at the time it was based at The Derby Assembly Rooms and Derby’s Irongate, but in 2010 Ram FM aired it’s last ever local show when it became merge with 3 other East Midlands radio stations. I was saddened by this as the format just wasn’t the same and it didn’t have the local feel or community spirt it had once had, so I stopped listening to this new merged station and struggled to find a radio station I really liked. For the last year or so I have woken up and prepared for work by making copious amounts of coffee and listening to DCR (Derby’s Community Radio). I’ve known of the local station for about 2 years from seeing posts on social media so thought I’d give it a try and now I really enjoy the variety of shows and music they offer, also I love the fact that it’s a radio station for the people Derby that is based in the city and it focuses on Derby news and issues and supports the people of Derby and derby businesses.

Over the weekend I caught up with the founder of DCR Darren Rogers, who not only runs the station with his team but is on air every weekend. Darren told me a little about the background of DCR and how it became the great community radio service we can all listen to today. To begin with DCR was known as IN2Derby but in 2019 the station became a C.I.C and aired as DCR on the 4th of May 2019 (May The 4th be with you), When I asked Darren why he chose to set up a radio station in the city he said because he loves the radio and felt that Derby didn’t have a radio station that focused on the community and didn’t offer the variety that DCR has to offer, most “local services” are actually aired from outside the city and could be miles away and don’t focus on local people or news and he wanted to offer Derby a good, old fashioned radio service. Although DCR is currently an online radio service there are many ways you can listen, Darren explained that most cars have devices built in to the sound system and many modern devices can be used to access DCR, I use my Amazon Alexa to tune in every morning.

Darren and his team, Steph, Carl, Nick, Roz and Mike all work hard to bring you this great radio service 24/7 and they have a variety of shows, I love waking up and listening to Tim Eggington and his breakfast show, it’s nice to wake up to someone so jolly and humorous in the morning. On Saturday evenings Trudy brings back the 80’s with her show from 6pm and each day they have many different shows to suit all tastes throughout the week. With DCR being a C.I.C it means that it’s ran on a voluntary basis and all money that the station makes from local advertising goes back into the station to continue to bring you this great radio service, Darren’s ethos is much like my own, he’s proud of our great city and want to promote the best we have to offer as a community. DCR offers the opportunity for anyone who is interested in modern radio to find out more by volunteering to either work behind the scenes of on air, if modern radio interests you and you like the chance to learn more about how it works you can contact Darren and DCR at to listen to DCR you can visit their website at and what I love most about DCR is that they are really easy to contact via text, email and social media and they do reply or play your song request as soon as they can. So, if you love to listen to the radio and are looking for a radio station that loves Derby listen to DCR, you will not be disappointed.

Written by Lisa Varty for The D-Paper

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